Jesus alone in the garden kneeling down before the Father, knowing what is to come… Father if there be any way let this cup pass from Me. The most submissive moment in history was at the garden when the guards came for Jesus and He said I will go with you, knowing what was to come. Remember all Jesus had to do was say “NO” and the rest of us would be doomed to the fate we deserve instead of having the gift of salvation offered to us.


Yes when the Word of God says we have a High Priest that knows how we feel … He does. Have you ever suffered the loneliness, the pain and the rejection our Lord suffered? Oh we suffer … we have pain… we are lonely… we feel rejected, but think of Jesus in those moments… think of what He did for you, what He suffered for you, how He was obedient to the Father when He knew what people here on this earth were going to do to Him! That is LOVE.


This is my New Years hope that everyone reading this message will start this New Year realizing what God did for us, what Jesus did for us and what the Holy Spirit is trying to do for us if we would just open up to Him and give Him reign in our lives. The biggest issue in our lives today is “NOT TRUSTING GOD” in all things. Life is not always the way we want it. Things do not always happen the way we plan it. Things happen to us that are not fair and that hurt because of the “gift of choice” that God gave to each of us. God is not a liar, He gave us free will (choice) and He told us that His best for us was to be full of love and do right, but if we choose to do wrong it will cost us and those we hurt while doing the wrong.


Realize when someone does something wrong to you it is not your fault. God said if you would trust Him in all things He would turn anything that happens to you into good. Only believe! Only trust! Think about it… come on … really be honest… when something bad happens to you what do you think? Why did God let this happen to me!? Your first thought is to blame God. If these people who choose to do the wrong thing had not had the freedom to choose to do that wrong thing, you would not have the freedom to choose to serve God. God told us that in this life we would suffer, remember Jesus suffered, we being the ones who chose God’s call. The bad things that happen to us due to the choices either we make or someone connected to our life makes... it is not God's will that they happen... it is God's gift that they happen, that beautiful gift of choice. If you choose to do wrong it hurts people and you... if you choose to do right it helps people and helps you! The gift of choice is an awesome gift... miss using the gift is why bad things happen.


I also must add here that we are not perfect people… any of us! We make mistakes, we do things wrong sometimes when we don’t even realize how we have hurt someone else. God’s mercy is there for us. This is why God has asked each of us (Christians) to have mercy on others. There are many “non-Christians” out there that just have not seen the “LIGHT”, but their time to find Jesus is to come. So remember you were not saved until you accepted Jesus. The things you did before that you did, Jesus forgave you… He has commanded that you forgive them as He forgave you. This New Year…please start it out right, forgive everyone who has ever done you wrong! Obedience brings blessing!


So this year I would ask you to make this a year to TRUST GOD in all things and if you do that you will have the best year of your life!

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