Angels Study 2


I want to give you some insight to where we are going with this study. It is very important that we understand what, where and how angels apply to our lives. So bare with me as this study will take some time. I am seeking to find TRUTH about angels to share with you, so we do not miss the benefits God sent the angels here to give us.

I believe God wants us to know about angels.

As I am doing this study on angels I am finding out more about God and our Lord Jesus.

Over 30 books of the bible talk about angels in great detail in almost 300 passages.

We are not to worship them or exalt them, they are simply messengers sent by God, created by God to serve Him and us.

The angels themselves would tell those they visited not to worship them but to worship God.

Out of 66 books of the bible 34 teach us about angels. There are at least 108 verses in the Old Testament and about 165 verses about angels in the New Testament. In the book of Revelation alone there are 65 verses that speak of angels.

As we study Bible characters we will find there are a number of prominent Bible people that had a vast knowledge of angels.

Moses had encounters with angels, Daniel had encounters with angels, Job talked about angels, King David encountered angels, Jesus spoke often about these angelic beings, in fact Paul, Peter, John and many of the prominent people of the bible spoke a lot about angels.

In the Old Testament you see angels speaking to men, guiding men, protecting men, commanding men, executing judgment on men, angels destroying cities, praising God, turning heads of kings and presidents of nations, and battling the forces of evil!

In the New Testament you see angels involved in the birth of Christ, the death of Christ, ministering to Christ, talking to a number of the disciples including Mary and Joseph, freeing Paul and Peter out of jail, protecting men, leading and guiding men, giving instructions to men, and sending judgment to the earth as you see in Revelation, angels unleash great forces, natural forces and what power that God is distributing to certain angels!

Angels always obey the command of God, the ones that didn't were cast out of heaven.

With that being said you can now see why this study could take a while to get to the place we need to be: What do angels do for us today?

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